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Starting a new business starts with a good idea. SUBSCRIBE in our contact area to stay informed of Conference Calls, ScreenSharing, News Features, ideas and more. 


Research and Collect information before you start your business. Visit the Small Business Administration's website to get started at PLUS take a look at video below.

Starting a business takes time and money. Start by only buying what you need, instead of what you want. Changing your daily habits could allow you to save enough money for basic start-up expenses, while you work on your business plan. Take your time developing your business.


Before seeking bank business loans - look to your family for financing. Family members could be interested in being a silent partner. PLUS take a look at the video below.

Dressing for the success of YOUR business is very important. If your type of business requires you to wear a business suit then wear a suit. If your type of business requires you to wear jeans and a T-shirt then wear them.

I wore jeans, steel-toe boots. goggles, heavy gloves and a mask working in certain conditions as a technician. For safety reasons, I dressed and wore what was needed for my job. Of course, it would not have been appropriate to wear a dress, since my job required me to crawl frequently. 

Digital Marketing to promote your business is an inexpensive way to promote your business. Most Online accounts are free to use. To get started, set up your Onine accounts.


You will need a good copy of your Business, or Organization's Logo, Your Photograph and a brief description of your business - a short version and a long version. If you need assistance with setting up account, visit

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